Épisode du 08/03/2022

Emission avec comme invité Gary de Teenage Hate Records également organisateur de concert au sein de Tous en Tong !!!

Playlist :

Superchunk - City Of Dead

Beechwood - Carved Arm

Vanilla Blue - Harry

The Suttles - Por La Noche

Swami John Reis - Ride The Wild Night

Program - Motorbike

Howlin' Grassman Vs Stompin' Bigfoot - I Know That You Don't Love Me

Powersolo - New Fashionned Girl

Mclusky - Icarus Smicarus

Knowso - Chosen One

Liiek - Crisis

Tommy And The Commies - Hurtin' You

Liquids - Don't Wanna Get To Know You

Jon Spencer And The HITmakers - Junk Man

Mad Rollers - I Trust Nobody

Bodega - Territorial Call Of The Female

Frustration - Live In Excess

Suburban Lawns - Janitor

Yard Act - The Incident

Bambara - Seraphina

Vagness - When It's Gone

Los Bitchos - Pista (Fresh Start)

I Marc 4 - The Trip

Superchunk - Refracting