Épisode du 04/01/2022


Power Supply - I've Got Feelings Too
Gustaf - Book
Alien Nosejob - Artisitic Vision
The Stranglers - This Song
Erik Nervous - Instant This Instant That
Pigeon - Deny All Knowledge Of Complicity
Knowso - Staring At The Spiral
Juicebumps - Fraidy Cat
Waste Man - All Your Little Secrets
Anytime Cowboy - First In Line
Cheekface - No Connection
The Black Lips - Odelia
Clamm - Repress
Priors - Suicide Dive
The Pop - Shakeaway
The Strand - Popular Girl
The Reflectors - Fade Away
Cheap Trick - Southern Girls
AC/DC - Touch Too Much
Kiss - Detroit Rock City
King Gizzard And The Lizzard Wizzard - Pleura
Ouzo Bazooka - Monsters
Altin Gün - Hey Nari
Kid Congo And The Pink Monkey Birds - Sean Delear
B52's - Planet Claire
The Shivvers - Teenline

The Go Go's - Can't Stop The World